Thursday, 10 April 2008

A Relaxing week away...

Well, for a weekend away, in a 3 bedroom house, with 8 kids ages 6 and under, it was quite relaxed! I wouldn't say relaxING but it was so much fun!
We had great fun catching up with our fave family!
*Joely (1.5), EJ (1.5), C(3.5), Liji(2.5), A (3.5), Roo(4 on Sunday!), O (6), Zo, (5)!!* This was the scene K and i came home to after Jamie kindly offered to babysit all 8 kids! What a man!! (And he has good legs! ;)

I had to go down by myself on the Saturday, Javi wasn't able to join us until Tuesday night, because of work. The N*****ls joined us on Sunday evening! The kids were so good together. We had 5 kids sleeping in one room, and they were pretty good! They had great fun digging in the sand hole, riding bikes, playing with balls... playing in kennels....
Who needs a dog???
Hmm, an extra 5 kids! Our fave Whanga Family comes to visit!
Elijah and Joel on the tramp, with a bike and a screwdriver. You've got to have your screwdriver you know. (I didn't know this was happening!!!)

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skatey katie said...

woohoo jess,
love your holiday groove, love that you had such a fabulous chill and catch up time.
happy sunshine week X