Saturday, 16 February 2008

Blog slackness, Craft sweetness!

Dunno how that last post made it through! Sorry Rach, i saved it as a draft and it posted the title!!

Talk about being slack with this blogging thing! I have SOOOO much to catch up on!

I have being crafting EVERY day. I made all my Christmas presents (plus Zoe's birthday on 24Dec). I have done tons of swaps over at swap-bot. I missed wrinting about Zoe's 5th birthday, christmas, Jarrod's promotion! I also missed writing about Joel FINALLY starting to walk (25 steps!!!!)

So, to start... here are a few crafty pics...
These are button fairys, swap-bot has swaps for them... EVERYONE (except Brigdy has laughed at me for making these!!!
For Lijis Christmas present... A little track in a bag. Pull the ribbon and it gathers up, had to include Duck!!

A pair of owl cushions for my brother and his partner... My own design. Sam always wanted to be an Ornothologist(spelling?) and Mel loves Freedom (Did you notice their owl theme last season?) I was very proud of these!!

I made these letters for Izzy's door, sorry they are not in order! They have the ribbons tied into bows. Also made her a cute retro donkey

Still to come.. Zoes birthday post

The silouettes of the kids i did for Mum and Dad

The etched glass nativity i did *for* Jenna

Pictures of the Kiddlets

Zoes quilt