Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Crafty goodness

On the weekend my lovely husband gave me some time out! I have reached exhaustion point and was totally "kidded" out!

I had a lovely time, on Saturday i spent the day sewing (in between swimming lessons and lunch!) I then went to my Mum and Dad's and stayed the night, the next day my Mum and i went to the International Ellerslie Flower Show. I didn't go home until after the kids were in bed.

So what did i sew? Two of the twirly skirts from the Sew Mama Sew link (The House on the hill one!). This pattern is great! However, i would recommend top stitching where she says "don't bother!". It took me 1 3/4 hours to complete both of them and that includes making and feeding my kids lunch in the middle of it! Super fast and Super cute!

I also made myself a messenger bag. Photos to come. I fumbled my way through using a few different tutorials as a guide, but not sticking to any one in particular!

At the flower show i bumped in to a jewellery designer whose jewellery i used to sell. She spotted my button bracelet and grabbed it off my wrist, asking if i would wholesale to her!!! I am just about to send my samples off! Check out her stuff at Simplyjewels. I am hopefully going to be selling for her again before Christmas!

Here are some links i have been wanting to share!

Make sure you check out SewMamaSew this month! Awesome projects every day!

I am loving Elsie Marley's softies!

FatOrangeCat Lovely bags

The Domestic Diva's Disasters Tutorial list of things to make for babies.

Just Tutes Cool tutorials. Kids clothes. Check out the toilet roll cozy!

Zoe asked if i would show you all what she has been up to. She is so into drawing and writing. She would literally do it all day if i let her! I love her pictures, they are always so detailed.

UPDATE: Ruby's toe is still doing OK! Here it is in her lovely purple cast, sitting in her lovely red wheelchair.

Friday, 9 November 2007

Home again, Home again!

After a week in hospital, blood test, lure, 8 hourly antibiotics, diarrhoea, isolation, 2 days starving, one operation, a PICC line inserted we are finally home! Complete with a bright purple 1/2 leg cast and wheelchair!!!!

What a week!!!!!

This morning i was told it would be another 3-4 days in, at lunch time the prof. came and said, "How would you like to go home?" DUH!

So out came the PICC line, on went the cast and along came the Chair. Ruby was SOOOOO excited! Within 5 minutes she was zooming her way around the ward by herself! She can turn it and dodge things like a rally driver!
She is in a cast and chair for 3 weeks, however, after 1 week she can start walking a bit!

So, what was wrong with her toe? Ruby has a VERY high pain tolerance, after the break she was back up and running in no time, climbing trees, swinging on swings and jumping on the tramp.

Her break just didn't heal. So, they have re broken it, the osteomyelitis has been successfully treated and we are hopefully only a few weeks away from recovery!
They wouldn't normally put a cast on, but she was up and running around as soon as the anesthetic wore off, so they really had no choice!

Thanks for all your love!

P.S The enforced rest was so good for my ankle. I have been am off the crutches and have very little pain left, just a little stiffness! Yay!!

Monday, 5 November 2007

In hospital AGAIN!!!

Oh My, 2 posts in less than a week! It's a miracle!

An update on Ruby-Gordan...

We are back in hospital. Friday afternoon she threw a 39 C Temp. Whilst on massive doses of antibiotics. I rang the hospital and they said, "Bring her in NOW". Great.
So there i am pushing Ruby (who looked so sick) in the pram, loaded like a pack horse, crutches tucked down each side of the pram and the volunteer in the hospital says...."Sorry love, the elevator is broken!" Ummm.... Do i look like i can walk up stairs???
He finally took me on a 20 minute stroll around the hospital to find a lift that was actually working.

Ruby was put on I.V antibiotics. We are still there. She had a CT scan today and they are considering operating tomorrow. We will be in at least another 2 nights. I am home for two hours now, getting clean clothes and stuff!

Poor Roo has a lure, thrush, a cough, sore ear and runny poos!

OK, from the mouth of babes...

Mum, can i push the buttons in the... (elevator)


Cute huh?

Friday, 2 November 2007

Snail hunting, crafting and more hospital trips!

OK, OK, i know, i know, it has been over a month!! I have excuses! Well, my main excuse is now obsolete, we now have broadband!! yay! So much quicker to post here now!
Here is some updates from the last month.

This is Ruby's preferred name at the moment! Not Roobs, scoobs, RooRoo or Ruby-Doodle. No longer Cruella or Wobin Hood. Just Ruby-Gordan. WHY? You may ask? Ask the three year old!!
Ruby is now on her 6Th week of oral antibiotics and has had 4 nights in hospital, all for a broken toe! She has developed osteomalitis (?) an infection in the bone. If it is not better by next Friday she will be put under general anesthetic and have a Pick line put in. (This is a long term drip line that has a tube which goes from the inner-elbow up to the heart.) She will then have to have at least 3 weeks IV Antibiotics and up to 6 weeks. It is looking worse right now so it is looking more and more likely.

On Tuesday night i was playing Indoor netball and rolled my ankle. I have some awesome bruising, may have done my tendons and am on crutches!!

Zozo, is doing well. She is starting to read, writing all the time, and is growing up so fast! She is such a helpful girl! Always asking what she can do for me!Liji is a delight! He is starting to talk now, and this has helped him get over screaming NO! constantly! He is so smoochy! Obsessed with Thomas, and likes to carry a snail around with him. He cries when i make him leave it outside!! Occasionally he says to me "It will bite me!" But gets over this pretty quick! Joel is still not walking, although he is now pulling himself up to standing. he can say Ohoh and woohoo! So cute!! Jarrod's new job is going awesome. He is loving it, and still improving every day!

So, about the snail hunting.... Over the last week the kids and i have removed (conservative estimate) over 500 snails from our garden!! The birds around here are very well fed!
Last night i went out in the dark and removed almost 200 in 20 minutes (not including the leopard slugs!!) I WILL save my last 2 lettuces!!!
I have been getting LOTS of crafting done. Knitting, heaps of jewellery, lots of swaps. I will post pics later!

Thursday, 27 September 2007


My poor little Ruby Anne has her first broken bone!A broken toe!!!! We have VERY heavy bench seats at our dining room table and one of these crashed on to her toe (almost 2 weeks ago now). She has a compound fracture, a big wound over the break and they think she dislocated it too! This pic was taken last night (sorry about the blurriness). It is very infected. They are going to decide today whether she needs a General to clean it out. We have been at the Docs EVERY SINGLE DAY to get it cleaned and dressed, we spent all day at the hospital on Friday and will have another hospital day in the next couple of days!
Then to top it all off Joely has Bronchilitis AGAIN, they think it is going to asthma now, so my tiny little boy has to have a puffer! AAAAGGGHHHH! It's no wonder i am dreaming about the doctors rooms at the moment!!!!

OK, here are a couple of links for you!

A mouse in the house - The most amazing kids illustrations

Saturday, 1 September 2007

My Baby is ONE!!

Baby, Happy Birthday!

You have bought such a joy to my life, Joel. Through this past year of struggles, you have made life bearable. The bond we developed as i carried you, as we were told you had a severe disability, as we found out you didn't, as you suffered from colic and a hernia, as you had a severe reaction to your immunizations, as you have developed slower than "normal", as we lived through Daddy's sickness... You made me smile throughout it all.

I praise God for you daily, for the light you bring to our family.

It was such a shock to find out i was pregnant again with my 4 Th bubba in less than 4 years, but you were worth it! I would do it again in a heart beat.

I love you Joely-Poly-Rock'n'Rolly

xxx mama

BTW Today is also our 6Th anniversary! Jarrod has organised taking me away for the night, it is all a big surprise, he even organised sitters!!

AND Jarrod started a job this week!! It is going well, he has had a good week.

Thursday, 16 August 2007

OK, first things first. I AM FINALLY AN AUNTY!!!!!!! Blake and Jenna's Bubba, Isabel, arrived last Friday, after 30 hours of labour! Weighing in at 9lb7oz!!!! (That is NOT a typo, my skinny little sister-in-law had one FAT baby!) Oh, and i forgot to mention, She was 2 weeks early!!!

She is SOOOO yummy! I am able to make all those cute little girly things again!!
An update on our little Joely. Lots of you will know that we have been waiting for a paediatrician appointment to have Joely's development checked out again. Well today we had it! The Doc agreed with me that he is at least 2 months behind. He is going to see us again in 12 weeks, if there is no improvement then he will be sent for a brain wave test, because he is having periods with a blank look on his face, it is sometimes a sign of epilepsy. They are not overly concerned right now, it is just a waiting game.

I have joined Swap-bot, and just sent off my first parcel! I sent fabric, ribbons, earrings, sequins,
and buttons!

And finally, a question for you all...

How do you know you have a son??? Answer: Mud, Rock and Gumboots! Oh, and the glint of adventure in your eye!!!!

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Anyone up for a swap??

Zozo and her Aunty Jen!
Well, Rog and Jen have been living with us for a week now! It is really nice! Jen has offered to cook 3 times a week, Rog is FANTASTIC at cuddling crying babies and they both are great at helping out whenever we need it! Thanks guys!

Jen and i have been making lots of jewellery this week. I have lots of sewing to do, but, i have lost the sewing bug right this minute!!

Is anyone up for doing a swap? I don't mind what kind! Leave a comment. You don't have to have commented before or know me!

Also, if you have never commented before, please do! I would love to know what you think!


Monday, 30 July 2007

Crafty crafty!

Man, i am so slack with this blog at the moment!!! I blame it on only having dial-up!

I have been so busy op-shopping, going to the Moa fabric sale (OH MY GOSH!!!), knitting, sewing, upholstering and making jewellery! Oh, and looking after the fam!

My brother-in-law and his wife are moving in with us tomorrow! We have put Liji in with the girls, Luckily their room is big. Joel still sleeps in our room.

Here is a before and after of the ottoman i bought for $6 the other day! The fabricis a beautiful velvet i got from the Moa sale, it cost me $2 a metre!!! (My first attempt at upholstering)

This set is a customer order! I can't tell you who it is for because she may be reading!
And finally, look at my baby!!! He will be one next month, is JUST starting to commando crawl! He is sooooo cute! Look at those teeth (excuse the snot!!)Is that a record on the number of exclamation marks in one post???!!!

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Meet our new babies...

Much too Grandma's horror, we are now the proud owners of Fred and Ted. Two baby rats!! SOOO CUTE!!! BTW... Their eyes are that colour IRL!OK, a little catch up....

  • I am weaning Joel.
  • We just had our first weekend away, without ANY kids (and me not pregnant!!!) Since Joely was born! We went to Whanga and hung out with our friends Greg and Nik (who were also kid free!!!) We went out for every meal, had big sleep ins, and went shopping!
  • My best friend, Karen, is moving away!! I am so sad about this. I don't know what i am going to do without our phone calls, and our weekly get togethers! (We say it is for the kids to play, but really its for us!!!)

Monday, 2 July 2007

Joely's Jacket!

Here it is...
Made from the same wool as the longies (The Fabulous Fibres Company -DK Natural sheep fleece)
I don't know what the stitch is called (K can you help?) I based it on a mint green jacket i had been given at some stage, loved the design, hated the colour! (actually, i didn't mind it that much, but, everyone else did!!!!)

It looks SUPER cute on him, he asleep right now, so i will take photos tomorrow!!

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Lots of completed projects!

Hi everyone, I know, i know, how slack am I? Look at all my projects i have been working on though! As well as unpacking, and taking care of the Fam!

I have been making lots of jewellery at the moment, we had a visit from the lovely Lauz and her beautiful family! She had already sent me a big pack of beads to play with and i scabbed a few more off her while she was here! I have started making all my own findings too.

BTW check out all the stuff i got today! i am sensing a lot more jewellery work coming up!Next on the list, some knitted longies for Joely! He is wearing these ALL the time! They are knitted with natural undyed wool! So nice and warm! They are knitted using a Knitty pattern for baby cotton cargos!I made them without the pockets, crochet added around the bottom of the legs, waist band extended, and cord added instead of elastic!!(P.S for those of you who like visiting Karen's site, yes it is the same wool she creates with! )AND FINALLY I have been knitting my first ever jacket for Joel, WITH NO PATTERN!!!!

It will hopefully be finished tomorrow!! (If the beads don't take over!!!)

Saturday, 9 June 2007

My Big 2 year old!

Just so you all know, I am still alive! In the past few weeks i have been so crazy busy my poor blog has suffered! This is my first time on the computer in almost 2 weeks! BTW a big public thanks to those wonderful girls who sent me treats! I love you!

Jarrod stayed at his parents for a few weeks while his drugs kicked in and his leg healed (still not totally healed), we moved house and i have had mastitis! Woohoo!

Anyway, i will fill you all in, in more detail soon, but first...

Liji has turned 2... HERE's TO YOU BABY..

My Elijah, Happy boy. As a baby he was so cruisy i would forget to feed him! He never cried, had a smile permanently plastered on his face and was loved by everyone who ever had the pleasure of meeting him.

When Joely was born he suddenly discovered his voice and has not come down since! He is now just as happy but DEFINITELY not quiet!

He is a constant source of joy. He loves cars, Thomas, mud, water, balls, Baby Doel (Joel) and his big sisters. He is a Carbon copy of his Uncle Blake, in looks and personality! He is cheeky beyond belief. He is the snuggliest, smiliest, giggliest little boy, an absolute joy. Right now he is sitting on the step of my craft room (YES, I HAVE A CRAFT ROOM!!!) holding a Thomas video case and kicking his feet!

I love you, my big boy!

xxx Mama

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Happy Belated Mother's Day!

I do love being a Mummy!!

*Jarrod Update* Javi was discharged on Friday, he is having his dressing changed by a district nurse each day. It is starting to improve. We are in the middle of changing his meds, it is a very hard time.

Thankyou for all your lovely comments, they mean the world to me. I am sorry i can't reply personally to each of you right now, but please know i am feeling your love!


Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Our life

I have read alot of blogs lately, talking about the differences between their *blog life* and their *real life*. I have decided to share some of my life tonight for a number of reasons. I don't want my life to appear as "perfect", those of you who know me IRL know that it is far from so.

Eighteen months ago my husband suffered Burn out (we were later to find out that this is the P.C name for a nervous breakdown). He has been unable to work for this time, it has been a huge battle for us, emotionally, physically and spiritually. For the past 5 months he has been suffering from depression as well.

This week has been our hardest of all. Among other things we were given 6 weeks notice on our house last weekend. I am now having to pack and find somewhere for our family to move to. (this will be our 7Th house in 5 years!)

Then on Sunday Javi developed an infection on his knee. He went to the hospital where the Dr said it wasn't infected, just inflammed (Uh, NO!). He went to the Dr. yesterday and she said, yes it was infected and gave him antibiotics. This morning at 7 he got up to go toilet and passed out in my arms from the pain. I had to call an ambulance and he has been admitted with a major infection, they are worried about it getting in to his joint.

Life with a sick partner is not easy, add 4 little kids in to the mix and it is extremely hard at times. I love my husband today more than i ever have before. I know one day i will have my best friend back, i will see his eyes light up and hear his laughter, i know one day my kiddies will get their Daddy back, but until that time i will keep praying for him everyday.

Friday, 27 April 2007

My Boys

Yesterday Baby Joel started to interact with his big brother for the first time!
I was holding Baby-Joel and Elijah was blowing a dandelion! Every time Liji blew the dandelion Baby-Joel cracked up laughing! When the dandelion was all finished, Liji started talking to Baby-J and making him laugh! It went on for about 10 minutes! SOOOO CUTE!!!! He has never laughed without physical contact before (tickling!!)

Kate, Whip-lash is an online craft competition, each month there is a different *task*. This month you had to make a *cozy*. Check it out, it is lots of fun. Whipup. (or click on the Whiplash button!)

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

My first ever Whip-lash entry!

Dummy (Binky) and Diper Cozy.
Dummy Cozy, hooks on to your key chain. Measures 8cm x 7cm when closed. Just big enough for a dummy (or a few coins, or whatever else is filling your pockets!)
The nappy cozy measures 16cm x 20cm. Just big enough for a folded disposable and a small pack of wipes!


Monday, 16 April 2007

The last ice-cream of summer?!

The kid's enjoyed an ice-cream this afternoon as they watched *Kevinthelawnmowerman* mow our lawns.
Last night i sat up until after 11.00, in a desperate attempt to finish Roo's quilt. I DID IT!
Here are the pics, just for you Dad!!! (I picked up the pink and gold cushion cover for $2 at The Sali Army!)

I have been encouraged by the studio/office pics going round at the moment, tonight I have been changing my dining room/entrance way/lounge all around! I have set my sewing machine up permanently! Yay! Where is Karen when i need her!!!

I will be posting photos as i go!