Wednesday, 26 March 2008


In our family we love fish and chip night, sometimes at the park, sometimes in front of a family video.... This is how much Joely enjoys it....

Are you finished Joel?

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

An Easter holiday at Red Beach

You can't go to the beach without a rugby ball! (And yes Jarrod and Jamie, it is on an angle!!!) Over Easter we House sat for some friends in Red Beach! We had a great time looking after their 11 week old puppy (mini Schnauzer, I forgot to take pictures!!!) We spent lots of time at the beach, and the rest of it at another friends place! Oh, and Jen (SIL) and i went clothes shopping... For me!!!
Liji with a starfish! I told Ruby to look cute!
Playing cricket with Drew (2)
Joel is TOO confident in the water! he just runs straight in, doesn't even bother him when he is swamped!!

We love rock pooling! We found starfish, anemones, periwinkles (we call them cats eyes) and one crab!

And next weekend we do it all again at Whanga, on our 3rd annual Family holiday! 8 kids age 6 and under, 4 adults, a 3 bedroom bach! I so can't wait!!! See you soon N*****l's!!! Oh and neither of us a pregnant or feeding this year... I don't think!!!!! ;)))

Shaving cream + 4 kids = 20 minutes time out for Mummy!

Take half a can of shaving foam...
One plastic table....
Four kids....
a sunny day....
and let the fun begin!!!!

To finish, take one hose and squirt like crazy!!!!

Sunday, 2 March 2008

My Mobile

i have loved making the mobile for Elsie's mobile swap! (excuse the pics!) I made a hand sewn, paper bird, leaf and button mobile. Hung on copper, with a brown polka-dot ribbon tie. It was inspired by one of the beautiful packs of origami paper i picked up at the Sallies! (4 packs 4 $2, all unopened!) paintedfishstudio It is on the way!
OK, finally a picture (Really bad one) of Zozo's quilt! It is made from memory fabrics, clothes of Zoe's, mine (as a child), Mum's, fabric from Mum's duvet, fabric from my Mother-in-law, Great-Great Nanans shirt, The girl's dress fabrics...etc!!