Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Crafty goodness

On the weekend my lovely husband gave me some time out! I have reached exhaustion point and was totally "kidded" out!

I had a lovely time, on Saturday i spent the day sewing (in between swimming lessons and lunch!) I then went to my Mum and Dad's and stayed the night, the next day my Mum and i went to the International Ellerslie Flower Show. I didn't go home until after the kids were in bed.

So what did i sew? Two of the twirly skirts from the Sew Mama Sew link (The House on the hill one!). This pattern is great! However, i would recommend top stitching where she says "don't bother!". It took me 1 3/4 hours to complete both of them and that includes making and feeding my kids lunch in the middle of it! Super fast and Super cute!

I also made myself a messenger bag. Photos to come. I fumbled my way through using a few different tutorials as a guide, but not sticking to any one in particular!

At the flower show i bumped in to a jewellery designer whose jewellery i used to sell. She spotted my button bracelet and grabbed it off my wrist, asking if i would wholesale to her!!! I am just about to send my samples off! Check out her stuff at Simplyjewels. I am hopefully going to be selling for her again before Christmas!

Here are some links i have been wanting to share!

Make sure you check out SewMamaSew this month! Awesome projects every day!

I am loving Elsie Marley's softies!

FatOrangeCat Lovely bags

The Domestic Diva's Disasters Tutorial list of things to make for babies.

Just Tutes Cool tutorials. Kids clothes. Check out the toilet roll cozy!

Zoe asked if i would show you all what she has been up to. She is so into drawing and writing. She would literally do it all day if i let her! I love her pictures, they are always so detailed.

UPDATE: Ruby's toe is still doing OK! Here it is in her lovely purple cast, sitting in her lovely red wheelchair.

Friday, 9 November 2007

Home again, Home again!

After a week in hospital, blood test, lure, 8 hourly antibiotics, diarrhoea, isolation, 2 days starving, one operation, a PICC line inserted we are finally home! Complete with a bright purple 1/2 leg cast and wheelchair!!!!

What a week!!!!!

This morning i was told it would be another 3-4 days in, at lunch time the prof. came and said, "How would you like to go home?" DUH!

So out came the PICC line, on went the cast and along came the Chair. Ruby was SOOOOO excited! Within 5 minutes she was zooming her way around the ward by herself! She can turn it and dodge things like a rally driver!
She is in a cast and chair for 3 weeks, however, after 1 week she can start walking a bit!

So, what was wrong with her toe? Ruby has a VERY high pain tolerance, after the break she was back up and running in no time, climbing trees, swinging on swings and jumping on the tramp.

Her break just didn't heal. So, they have re broken it, the osteomyelitis has been successfully treated and we are hopefully only a few weeks away from recovery!
They wouldn't normally put a cast on, but she was up and running around as soon as the anesthetic wore off, so they really had no choice!

Thanks for all your love!

P.S The enforced rest was so good for my ankle. I have been am off the crutches and have very little pain left, just a little stiffness! Yay!!

Monday, 5 November 2007

In hospital AGAIN!!!

Oh My, 2 posts in less than a week! It's a miracle!

An update on Ruby-Gordan...

We are back in hospital. Friday afternoon she threw a 39 C Temp. Whilst on massive doses of antibiotics. I rang the hospital and they said, "Bring her in NOW". Great.
So there i am pushing Ruby (who looked so sick) in the pram, loaded like a pack horse, crutches tucked down each side of the pram and the volunteer in the hospital says...."Sorry love, the elevator is broken!" Ummm.... Do i look like i can walk up stairs???
He finally took me on a 20 minute stroll around the hospital to find a lift that was actually working.

Ruby was put on I.V antibiotics. We are still there. She had a CT scan today and they are considering operating tomorrow. We will be in at least another 2 nights. I am home for two hours now, getting clean clothes and stuff!

Poor Roo has a lure, thrush, a cough, sore ear and runny poos!

OK, from the mouth of babes...

Mum, can i push the buttons in the... (elevator)


Cute huh?

Friday, 2 November 2007

Snail hunting, crafting and more hospital trips!

OK, OK, i know, i know, it has been over a month!! I have excuses! Well, my main excuse is now obsolete, we now have broadband!! yay! So much quicker to post here now!
Here is some updates from the last month.

This is Ruby's preferred name at the moment! Not Roobs, scoobs, RooRoo or Ruby-Doodle. No longer Cruella or Wobin Hood. Just Ruby-Gordan. WHY? You may ask? Ask the three year old!!
Ruby is now on her 6Th week of oral antibiotics and has had 4 nights in hospital, all for a broken toe! She has developed osteomalitis (?) an infection in the bone. If it is not better by next Friday she will be put under general anesthetic and have a Pick line put in. (This is a long term drip line that has a tube which goes from the inner-elbow up to the heart.) She will then have to have at least 3 weeks IV Antibiotics and up to 6 weeks. It is looking worse right now so it is looking more and more likely.

On Tuesday night i was playing Indoor netball and rolled my ankle. I have some awesome bruising, may have done my tendons and am on crutches!!

Zozo, is doing well. She is starting to read, writing all the time, and is growing up so fast! She is such a helpful girl! Always asking what she can do for me!Liji is a delight! He is starting to talk now, and this has helped him get over screaming NO! constantly! He is so smoochy! Obsessed with Thomas, and likes to carry a snail around with him. He cries when i make him leave it outside!! Occasionally he says to me "It will bite me!" But gets over this pretty quick! Joel is still not walking, although he is now pulling himself up to standing. he can say Ohoh and woohoo! So cute!! Jarrod's new job is going awesome. He is loving it, and still improving every day!

So, about the snail hunting.... Over the last week the kids and i have removed (conservative estimate) over 500 snails from our garden!! The birds around here are very well fed!
Last night i went out in the dark and removed almost 200 in 20 minutes (not including the leopard slugs!!) I WILL save my last 2 lettuces!!!
I have been getting LOTS of crafting done. Knitting, heaps of jewellery, lots of swaps. I will post pics later!