Saturday, 9 June 2007

My Big 2 year old!

Just so you all know, I am still alive! In the past few weeks i have been so crazy busy my poor blog has suffered! This is my first time on the computer in almost 2 weeks! BTW a big public thanks to those wonderful girls who sent me treats! I love you!

Jarrod stayed at his parents for a few weeks while his drugs kicked in and his leg healed (still not totally healed), we moved house and i have had mastitis! Woohoo!

Anyway, i will fill you all in, in more detail soon, but first...

Liji has turned 2... HERE's TO YOU BABY..

My Elijah, Happy boy. As a baby he was so cruisy i would forget to feed him! He never cried, had a smile permanently plastered on his face and was loved by everyone who ever had the pleasure of meeting him.

When Joely was born he suddenly discovered his voice and has not come down since! He is now just as happy but DEFINITELY not quiet!

He is a constant source of joy. He loves cars, Thomas, mud, water, balls, Baby Doel (Joel) and his big sisters. He is a Carbon copy of his Uncle Blake, in looks and personality! He is cheeky beyond belief. He is the snuggliest, smiliest, giggliest little boy, an absolute joy. Right now he is sitting on the step of my craft room (YES, I HAVE A CRAFT ROOM!!!) holding a Thomas video case and kicking his feet!

I love you, my big boy!

xxx Mama