Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Our little Liji Warning: *Possible TMI*!!!!

It must be the season for hospital visits, every second blog i visit at the moment seems to have a post about their hospital drama! Here's ours!

Late last week i got a vomiting bug. It was short and sharp, I am still feeling drained, but i was only sick twice. On Friday night, however, Elijah started vomiting and didn't stop. He then got the *runs*. The poor little thing couldn't keep anything down. So yesterday it was off to the Dr's we go! I spent from 10.30am til 3 sitting at the Dr's trying to get fluids into him. We tried EVERYTHING, all the brands off electrolytes, juice, water, syringes, cups, bottles. As a last resort the Dr decided to send us home and see if he would take a bottle of milk at sleep time. From 7.00am - 8.30pm last night he only passed 1 TEASPOON of wees!! Anyway, i knew he would fall asleep in the car so i gave him the bottle in the car, he didn't even have 10mls before he vomited it all up, all through the van!

So, Jarrod took him off to hospital. They tried getting fluids into him there (including ice blocks) with no luck so they put a Nasal-gastric tube down. From then on he started to improve, he kept the fluids down, ate crackers and even had a yogurt! By the time he got home at 10.30pm he was a different boy!

Today my happy little boy is back, he is pretty weak and pale still, but, he actually ate breakfast!! Woohoo!!!

Thursday, 8 March 2007

Party Gifts!

OK, I have been wanting to get an over locker (serger for you American Folk) for ages. The other day my bestest friend in the whole wide world (i have known her since we were 5!) arrived home from 2 years in China. We caught up for dinner and were chatting about my sewing and stuff. Yesterday she phoned me and said her Mum wants to lend me her over locker!!! Oh my goodness!
THEN... I was driving home tonight with Javi looking at the inorganic rubbish on the side of the road and i saw...................... an over locker!!!! It had no cord but apart from that looked in really good condition! I got it home and plugged my sewing machine cord in to it and it works!!! Perfectly! I am going to get it serviced and try to get a new cord for it! talk about a blessing! (If anyone has a spare cord for a Janome, let me know!)

This morning the girls were talking to our neighbour, Kevinthelawnmowerman, they were talking about his sunflowers, next thing you know he had cut one each for the girls! Beautiful!!
P.S plus a couple of random kiddie photos!

Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Come join our POOL PARTY!

Today we are having a pool party! Sunglasses, slip'n'side, ice-cold Coke! Maybe even some ice cream (Hokey Pokey of course) We even got a real-life parcel in the post! (pooh bear singlets for Joel)

Dinner will be a BBQ! Steak and sausys anyone?

And what would a pool party be without a game of *RainRainGoAway*! (Jump on the tramp giggling hysterically while Mummy Squirts you with the hose!!!)

Saturday, 3 March 2007

Come join the Party!!!

Have you joined the Ultimate Blog Party yet? Click on the link on the left and join the fun! It isn't as hard as it looks. Mr Linky is on the Main page of the site. If you look at the last few comments it provides a link.

Look what I made last night. (i know the photos suck, sorry!) I found a wonderful site, here, Applehead
It has awesome tutorials. I LOVE the twirly denim skirt, and these felt boxes are so sweet!

I made mine from some black felt i got at the Op Shop (a Metre and a half!!!), embroidered simplistic flowers on it then lined it with some funky floral i picked up cheap at Spotlight! I love this! I completed it in one evening. (at the last Undie Makers Meet!) I am already on to my second one, the next one has different embroidery.

Hi to all my new visitors. I love your comments and e-mails!