Thursday, 16 August 2007

OK, first things first. I AM FINALLY AN AUNTY!!!!!!! Blake and Jenna's Bubba, Isabel, arrived last Friday, after 30 hours of labour! Weighing in at 9lb7oz!!!! (That is NOT a typo, my skinny little sister-in-law had one FAT baby!) Oh, and i forgot to mention, She was 2 weeks early!!!

She is SOOOO yummy! I am able to make all those cute little girly things again!!
An update on our little Joely. Lots of you will know that we have been waiting for a paediatrician appointment to have Joely's development checked out again. Well today we had it! The Doc agreed with me that he is at least 2 months behind. He is going to see us again in 12 weeks, if there is no improvement then he will be sent for a brain wave test, because he is having periods with a blank look on his face, it is sometimes a sign of epilepsy. They are not overly concerned right now, it is just a waiting game.

I have joined Swap-bot, and just sent off my first parcel! I sent fabric, ribbons, earrings, sequins,
and buttons!

And finally, a question for you all...

How do you know you have a son??? Answer: Mud, Rock and Gumboots! Oh, and the glint of adventure in your eye!!!!

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Anyone up for a swap??

Zozo and her Aunty Jen!
Well, Rog and Jen have been living with us for a week now! It is really nice! Jen has offered to cook 3 times a week, Rog is FANTASTIC at cuddling crying babies and they both are great at helping out whenever we need it! Thanks guys!

Jen and i have been making lots of jewellery this week. I have lots of sewing to do, but, i have lost the sewing bug right this minute!!

Is anyone up for doing a swap? I don't mind what kind! Leave a comment. You don't have to have commented before or know me!

Also, if you have never commented before, please do! I would love to know what you think!