Monday, 5 November 2007

In hospital AGAIN!!!

Oh My, 2 posts in less than a week! It's a miracle!

An update on Ruby-Gordan...

We are back in hospital. Friday afternoon she threw a 39 C Temp. Whilst on massive doses of antibiotics. I rang the hospital and they said, "Bring her in NOW". Great.
So there i am pushing Ruby (who looked so sick) in the pram, loaded like a pack horse, crutches tucked down each side of the pram and the volunteer in the hospital says...."Sorry love, the elevator is broken!" Ummm.... Do i look like i can walk up stairs???
He finally took me on a 20 minute stroll around the hospital to find a lift that was actually working.

Ruby was put on I.V antibiotics. We are still there. She had a CT scan today and they are considering operating tomorrow. We will be in at least another 2 nights. I am home for two hours now, getting clean clothes and stuff!

Poor Roo has a lure, thrush, a cough, sore ear and runny poos!

OK, from the mouth of babes...

Mum, can i push the buttons in the... (elevator)


Cute huh?


oacemama said...

Hey Jess, missed you on Friday. You should seriously strap that ankle and do away with the crutches girl!
Love to Ruby

kate5kiwis said...

ouch jess, sending you a truckload of love this week, hope all gets fixed soon X

Da Setiuz Mama said...

Oh Dude!! Much love to you both! Hang in there!

jen said...

praying for Ruby

Sharonnz said...

Poor wee dot. Praying for you both.

I am Jen said...

Oh jeez jess...poor ruby. I hope she is doing better soon.