Friday, 9 November 2007

Home again, Home again!

After a week in hospital, blood test, lure, 8 hourly antibiotics, diarrhoea, isolation, 2 days starving, one operation, a PICC line inserted we are finally home! Complete with a bright purple 1/2 leg cast and wheelchair!!!!

What a week!!!!!

This morning i was told it would be another 3-4 days in, at lunch time the prof. came and said, "How would you like to go home?" DUH!

So out came the PICC line, on went the cast and along came the Chair. Ruby was SOOOOO excited! Within 5 minutes she was zooming her way around the ward by herself! She can turn it and dodge things like a rally driver!
She is in a cast and chair for 3 weeks, however, after 1 week she can start walking a bit!

So, what was wrong with her toe? Ruby has a VERY high pain tolerance, after the break she was back up and running in no time, climbing trees, swinging on swings and jumping on the tramp.

Her break just didn't heal. So, they have re broken it, the osteomyelitis has been successfully treated and we are hopefully only a few weeks away from recovery!
They wouldn't normally put a cast on, but she was up and running around as soon as the anesthetic wore off, so they really had no choice!

Thanks for all your love!

P.S The enforced rest was so good for my ankle. I have been am off the crutches and have very little pain left, just a little stiffness! Yay!!


Da Setiuz Mama said...

Welcome Home!!
Enforced rest is a good thing!!
Roo is looking like a box of birds. Much love to you all.

I am Jen said...


Gillybean said...

Hi,I'd been wondering how it was going. We have a Ruby (Reuben) with a very high pain tolerence too, you really have to watch them. Mine once said Mum my tooth's a bit sore, infact he had an abcess and a rotten tooth that needed extracting! So when she says it's a liitle bit sore take notice. He did the same thing with a broken finger too. Good luck.X gill