Monday, 30 July 2007

Crafty crafty!

Man, i am so slack with this blog at the moment!!! I blame it on only having dial-up!

I have been so busy op-shopping, going to the Moa fabric sale (OH MY GOSH!!!), knitting, sewing, upholstering and making jewellery! Oh, and looking after the fam!

My brother-in-law and his wife are moving in with us tomorrow! We have put Liji in with the girls, Luckily their room is big. Joel still sleeps in our room.

Here is a before and after of the ottoman i bought for $6 the other day! The fabricis a beautiful velvet i got from the Moa sale, it cost me $2 a metre!!! (My first attempt at upholstering)

This set is a customer order! I can't tell you who it is for because she may be reading!
And finally, look at my baby!!! He will be one next month, is JUST starting to commando crawl! He is sooooo cute! Look at those teeth (excuse the snot!!)Is that a record on the number of exclamation marks in one post???!!!


Sharonnz said...

You clever mama (she says grimacing with jealousy that you got to go to the Moa sale)! It was lovely to meet you at Rach's the other weekend!!

kate5kiwis said...

jess, *love* the upholstery, which reminds me: i really need to re-do my dining room chairs, oh how i LOVE The Staple Gun!!!!

just *look* at that bling!!!!!!! gorgeous. i'll have to sit with you and have a go at a necklace like that, do you use head pins and thread the bead on and then just curl the top over the chain loop??

sometimes i think i need a nanny/chef so that i could *create* all day long hahahaha.

yes, very cute bubba.

have a wonderful time with the New Flatmates, sounds like a 24/7 party babe. i really miss my bro, he and em are still in london.... i keep saying they should buy a Summer House in the antipodes X

I am Jen said...

You've been busy with projects. Seems as though things are going better?

oacemama said... moa fabric is piled up next to the washing machine waiting to be prewashed...then I *AM* going to start cutting into it and making my stuff.

Joely has grown up all of a sudden...what a spunky guy!

Da Setiuz Mama said...

Loving your Ottoman. They are so handy. Nice upholstery job too! Yay! for the staple gun!
Ok....somebody please explain "Moa Fabric"????

Jewellery....just FAB! What more can I say. You are so talented!

Hey this bubba of yours HAS suddenly grown up. He looks so much older than when I saw him 4 or so weeks ago. What a cutie!

OH and exlamation marks are the best!!!!!!

Jen said...

you did a really good job on the ottoman
and i like the jewelery

what a cutie

charlotte said...

oh man. I walked past the sale sign the other day and thought I wouldn't go up. Now had I known it was fabrics - ohhhhh. Oh no!

Karyn said...

Great job on your first attempt at reupholstering! Hopefully you're getting a lot of use out of the ottoman.