Friday, 27 April 2007

My Boys

Yesterday Baby Joel started to interact with his big brother for the first time!
I was holding Baby-Joel and Elijah was blowing a dandelion! Every time Liji blew the dandelion Baby-Joel cracked up laughing! When the dandelion was all finished, Liji started talking to Baby-J and making him laugh! It went on for about 10 minutes! SOOOO CUTE!!!! He has never laughed without physical contact before (tickling!!)

Kate, Whip-lash is an online craft competition, each month there is a different *task*. This month you had to make a *cozy*. Check it out, it is lots of fun. Whipup. (or click on the Whiplash button!)


Jen said...

thats so cool
the real start a lovely brotherly relationship :)

Da Setiuz Mama said...

They are just lovely!!
ain't it FAB when they start to communicate....we have a similar thing happening here with LJ and JK.
LJ think JK is the funniest thing out after his Daddy.
ps....isn't the news you found out on Saturday about a mutual friend's pregnancy status SO COOL!

kate5kiwis said...

what a boodgie baby you have. mmmmmmmmmm.
aha, gotcha on the *whiplash*.. d'uh, should've known to click the button...
but, there's a lot of *knitting* going on...... bit scary for moi :o)