Thursday, 27 September 2007


My poor little Ruby Anne has her first broken bone!A broken toe!!!! We have VERY heavy bench seats at our dining room table and one of these crashed on to her toe (almost 2 weeks ago now). She has a compound fracture, a big wound over the break and they think she dislocated it too! This pic was taken last night (sorry about the blurriness). It is very infected. They are going to decide today whether she needs a General to clean it out. We have been at the Docs EVERY SINGLE DAY to get it cleaned and dressed, we spent all day at the hospital on Friday and will have another hospital day in the next couple of days!
Then to top it all off Joely has Bronchilitis AGAIN, they think it is going to asthma now, so my tiny little boy has to have a puffer! AAAAGGGHHHH! It's no wonder i am dreaming about the doctors rooms at the moment!!!!

OK, here are a couple of links for you!

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littlewanda said...


Sharonnz said...

I sympathise. I've broken my toe a couple of times...owie!! So not much crafting happening then eh?

Da Setiuz Mama said...

Icky Ouch!! Poor Little Roo!
Lovely to see a post from you....Not that I can talk!!
Have a lovely day......
Hope your littlies get better soon!

Jen said...

oh poor Ruby
ouch alright

praying for her

also praying for Joely

Jess said...

Well, an update, we have just spent two nights in hospital on IV antibiotics, they think she has turned the corner now.
Thanks for the love

I am Jen said...

Poor babies! Lots of prayers floating your way!

jen said...

BTW Ive tagged u

Manolis said...

That must be painful!!!